Yvonne and Brent Carroll welcome you to Brevon Farm and Umapine Creamery. Cows, kids and calves. It's what we've done for 40 years.

Brevon Farm

Our cows are a mixture of purebreds and crossbreds. We have Brown Swiss, Jersey, Holstein and milking Shorthorn crosses. If you are mowing your yard, they are likely out on pasture. Their supplemental feed is full of local forage (hay, silage, corn). A little grain and vitamin balances our their ration. Our calves are raised on the farm so you will see babies, adolescents, teen, young mommies and grandma cows. We strive to raise them as naturally as possible. Their health and welfare are a priority. 

Never forget that you are working with mothers. Treat them accordingly
— W.D. Hoard